Cards for Mindfulness is a set of beautifully-designed cards which bring awareness, calm and kindness to wherever you are. This is your last chance to get your hands on this highly limited Kickstarter version of these much-loved Cards.


Simple statements and explanations to help experience, and stay in the now #mindfulcards


@mindfulcards We think your Cards for Mindfulness are lovely and very helpful. 

Falkirk Mental Health Association

Play Cards Against Humanity? Try your hand at @mindfulcards Cards For #Mindfulness


The beautiful Cards for Mindfulness have just arrived, they feel great! Great work @m_everywhere


Using cards for myself & patients. Pt picked this out of pack at random #greatforfocus #mindfulness


Cards for Mindfulness

Take them with you wherever you go

Play around

Match them up, find your favourites, create a game

Place around your space

Let the cards out and be part of your life

More Information


Who we are

We are a tiny team based in Glasgow, Scotland. Everything from design & writing to full printing & production was done here in Scotland. Above are the core studio team who made Cards for Mindfulness happen but there are many others to thank for their help and commitment to the project including Lynne MacKenzie, Chris Sharratt & Gordon Burniston.


The Kickstarter Edition

Cards for Mindfulness wouldn't exist without our Kickstarter backers and we're thrilled to announce that Cards for Mindfulness has got a publishing deal for a retail edition which will be available in Spring 2018. In anticipation of the new edition, we’re selling our remaining first edition boxes to you, our loyal supporters. Thank you.